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Welcome to Landmarks

Landmarks is a thriving, small Specialist College for people with learning difficulties and disabilities. The College offers a wide range of programmes which are individually tailored to meet a variety of needs. We are located in an idyllic setting in a site of outstanding natural beauty which provides a tranquil environment in which to learn and work.

We hope you find our website informative and interesting. We are very proud of our College and really look forward to welcoming you and helping you to find out more.

“Students make good progress, particularly in developing their communication, social and practical skills. They make good gains in managing their behaviour, travelling independently, and interacting more confidently with others.” OFSTED REPORT - MAY 2014

“Students improve their personal and practical skills very well in a range of different settings particularly through the increasing number of work placements and the good use of community venues.” OFSTED REPORT - MAY 2014

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