Harvey’s New Saturday Role!

Harvey commenced his placement at Landmarks as a shy young man who displayed lots of anxiety around classroom situations. This meant that Harvey found it difficult to engage in classroom activities for long periods of time.

He identified the farm as a working environment that suited him – without the stress and demands of a classroom, and somewhere for him to have his own space. Growing in confidence, Harvey started thinking about his future and highlighted mechanics as an area of work that he would like to pursue.



This increased confidence allowed Harvey to begin building relationships with peers at college and also with members of staff. We began to see a side of Harvey that was energetic and friendly, which made him more suitable for the world of work.

In October of 2020, Harvey started a work placement at a garage in line with his aspirations. Harvey dealt with the new environment well and quickly began to settle, feeling comfortable around the members of staff there.

Harvey continues to work hard at the garage, and in January 2021 was offered a role there each Saturday. He completed his travel training which allows him to access his job independently. In the meantime, Harvey is continuing to develop his industry skills and knowledge.