John’s Confidence Grows

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John started at Landmarks as a shy young man who struggled to engage and was unsure about his future. John had been out of a learning environment for an extended period of time; despite this and struggles with busy classrooms, his attendance remained high. 

During the early stages at College, John identified key members of staff with who he felt comfortable working. He was able to hold in-depth conversations with these members of staff which helped to support the development of his social communication. 



With his confidence growing, John was answering questions and contributing ideas to discussions with other learners. This provided John with the social skills and confidence to form relationships with his peers. He was also able to set up daily pool games with other learners. 

Last year John demonstrated his academic ability through achieving his Level 2 Maths in his first year and is now on course to achieve a Level 2 in ICT and a Level 1 in English. 

During lockdown, John amassed a 40,000-strong following on Tik Tok. This achievement helped John to identify a career in gaming as either a streamer, developer or tester. This is John’s main aspiration and something he is working towards this year; he has already ascertained contacts to support him with this.