Abeer’s Story

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Abeer started Landmarks Specialist College in September 2020 and was anxious but excited at beginning a new chapter in her life. She was nervous when meeting her job coach as she wasn’t sure whether they would get along. However, this wasn’t the case as they clicked immediately. 

Within a few weeks, Abeer had settled into her work placement with the local council employed in the Investment Development Office as an Administrator & Marketing Intern. Abeer always looks forward to her supported internship days but is also beginning to engage in sessions with her peers on college days. 

Abeer was quite happy with her timetable but asked if her morning college session could be changed as didn’t feel that she was being challenged enough but her staff team explained that some peer interaction would be beneficial – Abeer agreed as she was accessing her internship placement remotely. 

Abeer has always known that she wanted a career in Digital Marketing and working for an organisation, the main purpose is to help others rather than selling or promoting products or services that aren’t necessary. Abeer plans on using her skills to make a difference in people’s lives. 

During her internship so far, Abeer feels she is making a real difference to the current employment situation. She has been involved and enjoyed developing the Rotherham Works newsletter and can’t wait to produce more episodes. 

‘I am grateful for all the support and help from landmarks specialist college. Thanks!’ – Abeer