Callum’s Independence Thrives

 Callum started Landmarks in September 2020. A quiet and friendly young man Callum approached college cautiously. He only knew one other learner when he started but he soon made friends with everyone at Milestone House. 

As the term progressed, Callum began to gain more confidence in his own abilities, particularly with accessing the local community. He was able to lead groups to visit the local shopping area to buy resources for college. Functional skills sessions, focusing on money as this helped Callum to buy items with little support.

Callum has sometimes struggled with his emotions, particularly when it has been noisy or busy. By working with staff, he has been able to find ways to help keep himself calm and engage in sessions.

One of Callum’s biggest achievements has been the way in which he is now able to use ICT. Starting with logging onto the computer, Callum now uses word processing documents to present his work. Sending emails was a big step forward for Callum!

Callum now thrives on completing his work independently, using a wide range of resources including checklists. He has gone from strength to strength using and building upon strategies developed in college. Callum particularly enjoys working in the Bistro, where he puts these newly found independence skills to good use. This will help him in his chosen work experience placement of working in a café. 

Excellent work Callum!