College Leadership

Meet the Team

Responsible for leadership and management

There are over 120 staff members who work at Landmarks! Here are some of the key staff members you might meet around College.


Key Staff Members

Landmarks’ Key Staff Members look after specific areas of the College’s provision. They are responsible for everything that happens at college within their areas and they contribute to important decisions.

Larry Brocklesby


Principal | Chief Executive Officer

Clare Connolly


Director of Quality and Education​

Kelly Ledwood

Director of Finance, ICT & Enterprise

Emily Lang

Director of Human Resources & Core Services

Katie Simpson

BSc, CertEd

Director of Learner Welfare and Progression​

Matthew Woolass

Quality Improvement Manager

Polly Mallender

Developing Independence Curriculum Manager

Darren Mitchell

General Manager of The Archer | Tutor

Brian Harrison

WayFinder Manager

Rebecca Matthews-Johnson

Day Services Manager (LifeLong Learning)

Natalie Wood

Learner Recruitment Manager