Message to Learners and Parent/Carers – 5th January 2021

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Following the announcement from the Prime Minister on Monday 4th January 2021 at 8 pm, where he announced a further national lockdown, I can confirm that as guidance stands at the moment, Landmarks remains open as usual for all learners who wish to attend.

For learners who choose to remain at home, we will offer online training and education support.

All tutors will be in contact with you to discuss arrangements.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the college on 01246 433788.


Larry Brocklesby, Principal

COVID-19 - Reopening Risk Assessment and Action Plan

COVID-19 Reopening Risk Assessment and Action Plan.

Consent Forms

Learner & Parent/Carer COVID-19 Testing Consent

Covid 19 Letter and Information Pack for Parent/Carers & Learners

Staff COVID-19 Testing Consent

Covid 19 Consent Form for Staff

Lateral Flow Testing for staff and learners

This was announced by the Government before Christmas. The basic aim is to keep attendance in schools and colleges up as high as possible.

I know that some people view mass testing as a controversial issue and there has been a lot of debate in the media about the timing of this for schools and colleges. As always we are seeking to follow Government guidelines accurately.

I need to make clear that testing is voluntary in all circumstances and consent will need to be recorded on our form.

We will set up testing areas in the first week back and begin testing on Monday 11th January 2021.

The plan is to test as many staff and learners (who consent) once every week.

Staff or learners who test positive will be asked to follow guidance and seek a further test external to the college and self-isolate as per guidance.

Staff or learners who had close contact with someone who has tested positive are offered a daily test for 7-days and only required to isolate if there is a positive test.

One important thing to remember, for those people who unfortunately have had a positive Covid test already, you should not be retested until 90 days (3 months) after the date of your positive test.

If you get Test & Trace instruction to isolate, please do not attend the College or bring your learner here but do let us know.