Integrated Therapies


Landmarks adopt an integrated approach to supporting learners to develop their skills and independence. This collaborative approach is an integral component in supporting learners to fully engage in their educational programme, in enabling them to achieve outcomes and in supporting them to develop skills and strategies to transition into adulthood.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy as Landmarks offer support in the following areas:


  • To promote learner independence skills across areas of self-care, domestic skills, productivity including work, community access and leisure. 
  • Support transference of strategies to home/outside of college 

Engagement and Wellbeing 

  • Support learners to engage in learning activities onsite, in the community or at work placements.
  • Enable learners to develop skills to self-regulate.


  • Assess and support sensory needs at college and where appropriate in the workplace.
  • Identify strategies that can be transferable into adulthood. 

Speech & Language Therapy

Learners at Landmarks are supported through a Total Communication Approach, SLT support with:


  • To ensure learners can make choices, get their message across, express wants, needs, and feelings


  • To enable learners to understand information so they can access learning and identify strategies to support their transition to adulthood.

Social Skills

  • To enable learners to form friendships, have ‘good conversations’ gain awareness of appropriate relationships and support positive interactions.


  • Assessment and advice to support learners who have difficulties with chewing and swallowing.

Working Together to Support Learners

Therapies support is assessed at initial assessment and reviewed regularly throughout the learner’s programme.