James’ Story of Success

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Developing Independence

Planned Outcomes

Further Education

Key Achievements

Level 2 Maths and English

Functional Skills

Entry 3 Skills for Working Life


Year One

James embarked on his journey with us through a school links pathway, facing challenges in attending his secondary school and eventually finding placement at Apperknowle Farm. Initially grappling with anxiety and struggling to engage with peers, he relied on close support from trusted staff. However, as time unfolded at Landmarks, he underwent a remarkable transformation. He cultivated a level of independence that enabled him to confidently lead and execute tasks without assistance, earning the trust of his peers and becoming a respected team member.

James also honed his mentoring skills, guiding less confident learners and taking them under his wing. His proficiency in life skills flourished as he undertook independent living tasks around the farm. Moreover, he enriched his functional skills in real-life contexts, contributing to his pursuit of achieving proficiency at Level 2 in Maths.

Year Two

Prior to the summer holidays, James expressed his aspirations to join the RAF. Fuelled by thorough research, he was well aware of the requirement of obtaining 5 GCSEs to qualify for their programme. Recognising the unique nature of Landmarks, which traditionally did not offer GCSEs, James collaborated with the curriculum team to devise a tailored solution.

This collaboration led to a strategic arrangement where James accessed two crucial GCSEs, namely History and English, through Landmarks. Simultaneously, he committed to independent study for his remaining GCSEs at home, showcasing his dedication to achieving the academic qualifications necessary for pursuing his dream within the RAF.

“We can’t thank Landmarks enough for working with James over the years and enabling him to be the confident young man he is now” – James’ Mum