Lucy’s Story

A learner posing with crossed arms on their Greene King Supported Internship as part of our Employability Pathway.

Lucy started her journey at Landmarks on our Developing Independence Pathway. To start with she was lacking in confidence, and often struggled to communicate but thanks to this Pathway, she enhanced her skills and knowledge which allowed her to gain confidence in her own ability.

Lucy quickly found a passion for hospitality & catering within our bistro, especially when taking orders and serving people. She even took part in online remote bistro sessions during lockdown.

She began to develop trusting relationships with staff, whom she felt more able to talk to, and this helped her develop confidence within the college.

With her newfound success on our Developing Independence Pathway, Lucy progressed to our Employability Pathway, where she undertook a Supported Internship at Greene King.

Lucy immediately formed a great bond with her colleague, Alice, who showed her all the ropes. Lucy was quickly able to pour a ‘perfect pint’, which impressed the locals! She started to learn the names and orders of regulars and used colour codes to match glasses to the correct drink pumps.

Lucy began to teach her colleagues Makaton, so they could communicate more easily, and she even uses this to communicate with the customers.

After dedicating much of her time to learning how to serve various drinks, she can identify the correct glasses for customer orders and pull “the perfect pint“, as quoted by a customer.

In December 2021, Lucy gained Paid Employment and is still part of the team today. Her colleagues say that it is the best day of the week when Lucy is at work!