Molly’s Story


Landmarks in 2019 as someone lacking in confidence; seeking support to find the right direction to go in. Molly arrived without a friendship group and with a keen interest in animals – hoping to develop in both of these areas. 

Molly found comfort at the farm where she was able to develop relationships with key staff. This allowed Molly the opportunity to learn animal care routines and begin to carry out health checks on the farm animals with increasing independence. 

Although she found it difficult, Molly persevered with learning in the classroom after the summer break. During this time, Molly was able to begin developing a friendship in her group and is looking to continue this friendship outside of college. In November of 2020, Molly began her placement at Poppy’s Pet Shop. Here, Molly began to learn how to hold dogs for grooming purposes and once her skills, knowledge and confidence developed, was able to begin taking the lead on the grooming process. 

Molly is now able to bathe dogs with minimal support; selecting the correct equipment and shampoo for each dog. Molly is challenging herself to learn how to brush the dogs’ teeth and extend her skills further – looking to secure employment and is on course to achieve Level 2 Maths.