Navigating Big Cities With SEND

Students navigating the centre of Rotherham

Living or visiting a big city is like stepping into a world of endless possibilities, but if you have SEND, getting around might seem like a puzzle. Fear not!

In this blog, we’re diving into fantastic tips and suggestions that will not only make city life more accessible but also turn your urban exploration into an exciting adventure, especially for individuals with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Research and Plan Ahead:

Before venturing into a big city, gather information about accessible routes, public transportation options and familiarise key landmarks.

Digital Navigation Apps:

Take advantage of smartphone navigation apps. Specifically designed for easy manoeuvring, apps like Google Maps provide step-by-step directions, voice guidance, and real-time updates. Seamlessly navigate the city and turn every street corner with confidence.

Carry Important Documents:

Keep important documents, such as identification and medical information, in an easily accessible place. In case of emergency, having these documents readily available can facilitate communication with authorities or healthcare professionals.

If Someone You Don’t Know Approaches You:

If an unfamiliar face approaches, trust your instincts. Stay calm, create distance, and seek help by contacting someone you trust or emergency services. Reflect on the incident and report it to prevent similar situations. Always remember, your safety comes first.

Explore Quiet Spaces:

Cities are not just about hustle and bustle; they also offer peaceful spots. Identify parks, libraries, or quiet cafes where you can take a break and recharge. These locations can be useful if the city becomes too overwhelming.

Establish Communication Strategies:

If you have specific communication needs, consider carrying a communication card that explains your preferences. This card can help you effectively communicate with others, whether it’s asking for assistance or expressing important information about your needs.

Life In Modern Britain At Landmarks:

At Landmarks Specialist College, our Life in Modern Britain sessions extend beyond the classroom, we immerse our learners in the dynamic nearby cities. Recently, we ventured into Rotherham City Centre, where our students had the privilege of meeting with a local policeman. He provided invaluable insights and practical tips on staying safe while navigating the bustling centre. It’s all about empowering our learners with real-world knowledge and skills to thrive in any environment.

Discovering the ins and outs of a big city with SEND may require additional planning, yet with the right approach, it becomes a fulfilling experience. By conducting thorough research, tapping into available resources, and customising tools to personal needs, individuals can confidently navigate through big cities. Every city trip plays a role in promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all.