Oliver’s Story

Dsc 0388

When Oliver first attended Landmarks College he was very anxious and struggled to speak to other learners and staff. Oliver would only communicate by nodding and wasn’t able to express his feelings or tell staff if something was wrong. He initially felt very nervous and didn’t want to leave his mum’s side. 

Oliver was supported to work on expressing himself and giving his own opinion. He began to communicate to staff initially by using feelings cards which supported him in expressing how he felt. Oliver was later able to ask for help independently and to tell staff verbally how he was feeling. 

With time, Oliver improved his ability to talk about his days at Apperknowle Farm and he began mixing with his peers with support. Oliver demonstrated a sense of pride and achievement in his work and clearly enjoyed his sense of purpose. 

‘At the end of each day, he can’t wait to tell me and sometimes show me what he’s been doing. He is proud of the work he does.’ – Parent Quote

Oliver gained confidence in his routine tasks at the farm and began to form friendship groups which supported his communication skills. Oliver is passionate about Apperknowle Farm now and has gained confidence in carrying out farm responsibilities and supporting his peers with tasks. 

Oliver has developed his skills working with plants and in animal care and can work independently using his own initiative. 

Well done Oliver!