Ollee’s Story

Dsc 0823

Ollee started his journey at Landmarks in September 2019. Transition had always been something that he struggled with due to changes in routine and the unknown causing him anxiety. However, his transition to Landmarks was different. 

Historically, Ollee didn’t see making friends as important but quickly started to socialise with his peers during sessions. He even started playing pool during enrichment and accepting others joining in with him at lunchtimes throwing his ball, showing an increased tolerance of others and more interaction with a wider variety of people. 

During his first year, Ollee achieved a significant amount of functional skills and vocational qualifications. Tutor’s adapted their teaching styles to meet Ollee’s needs, discussing work with Ollee and basing all projects around his interests, giving him ownership of his learning. This was a real achievement for Ollee as typically, he hadn’t engaged in classroom learning particularly well before Landmarks. 

Ollee has embraced work at the farm, he is increasing independence and completing practical tasks relating to Agriculture. Through accessing this environment, Ollee has become less reliant on staff support and now requires less detail on his daily planner. He has even secured a voluntary job at a farm in his local area, where he works independently using the skills he has gained from working and learning at Apperknowle.