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Landmarks supports its learners to realise their potential and achieve their goals.

Keep reading to learn more about the destinations that our learners have achieved.

Landmarks is ambitious about the long-term destination of its learners and believe in championing the view that individuals with learning disabilities and other complex needs can be successful in achieving employment.

A research paper into people with disabilities in employment in the UK1 found that as of May 2019:


of people with disabilities are in employment, of those


of people with a learning disability are in paid work


of Landmarks 'Class 19' moved onto Paid or Voluntary employment. 

What comes next after college?


An unpaid job where individuals can build on their work skills.

Supported Voluntary

A voluntary job supported by a Personal Assistant (PA).

Paid Employment

A job where individuals are paid.


A job where individuals work for themselves, either in offering a specific skill or by running their own business enterprise.

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Destination Data

This is what our “Class of 2019” moved
onto when they finished college:


Further Education


Voluntary Employment


Supported voluntary employment


Paid Employment


Day Services


After College After Care

Our Class of 2019 achieved paid or voluntary employment in:

Hospitality & Catering




Transport & Distribution

Animal Care



Careerometer is a tool that can be used to explore and compare key information about your potential career.

This tool helps you to compare national average wages and working hours for up to three occupations.

  • Try typing in a job that you'd like to investigate and then select a match from the list to see the data 
  • You can then include a second and third choice to view the comparison if required
  • Please note that this is national average data, but you can use it to help you get a bigger picture of the potential opportunities.


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