Safer Internet Day at SEND Colleges

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Navigating Internet Safety

Understanding the significance of online safety is crucial and as we approach Safer Internet Day, our focus is the importance of internet safety, particularly for young adults.

For students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), the online space can offer a sense of security and control. However, it’s important to recognise and address potential risks.

Top Online Risks for Learners on Safer Internet Day

SEND students, facing challenges in understanding social cues, may find it difficult to recognise concerning or inappropriate behaviour.

Three Key Aspects of Staying Safe Online

1 – Create a Strong, Memorable Password: Opt for passwords with numbers for added security.

2 – Activate 2-Step Verification: Receive a code on your email or mobile device for an extra layer of protection.

3 – Avoid Browser Login Remembrance: Typing login details may be a bit more effort, but it significantly boosts security.

Navigating Online Communication

For many young people with SEND, the internet provides a safe haven for making friends and building communities. However, it is important to proceed with caution.

Differentiating between legitimate and fake websites can be challenging. Identifying potential online predators is equally challenging, requiring careful interaction and limited sharing of personal details.

Always communicate any concerns with a trusted adult or safeguarding lead, ensuring a safer online environment for everyone, not just on Safer Internet Day.

Explore our safeguarding page.

How to Report a Concern

If you or someone you know in college is facing issues, our dedicated staff members are here to help. You can approach any staff member and they will ensure you receive support from a specialised safeguarding lead. Additionally, concerns can be reported via email at

Read the form here for guidance on what to do if you feel unsafe.

The NCPCC website also offers further information on safeguarding issues.

Safer Internet Day at Landmarks

On February 8th, Landmarks Specialist College is supporting Safer Internet Day by welcoming local police officers to provide valuable insights and awareness to our learners about online risks. This educational session aims to empower students with the knowledge needed to navigate the digital world safely. Together, we can try and create a secure online environment for all.