Showcasing the Work of Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) can support learners during their time at college helping them with their independence, engagement and sensory needs.

Week 1 - Making Pitta Pizzas

This was the first week of the learner receiving Occupational Therapy. At the start he appeared to be slightly nervous and quiet but this was expected as it was something he had never done before. OT support was provided on a 1:1 outside of college, which calmed his nerves slightly. At the start of the session, the learner looked at a Pitta Pizza recipe online using a mobile phone and read out the ingredients to the OT.


Before entering the shop, the learner expressed that he struggles to know where everything is, it was suggested by OT that both the learner and OT will make a map of the shop after a couple of weeks to help other learners who might be struggling. A lot of prompts were given during the visit to the shop, but the learner did really well finding the items.


Once the items were bought, the cooking intervention took place next to the therapy office as this is a quieter space. The learner mentioned that he was nervous about making his pitta pizzas as he has never used a toaster or microwave before. The learner was offered the choice of pizza and how many he wanted to make and he chose 5 ham and cheese pizzas so that he could take these home to his family. The first 2 pizzas, required total support from the OT, the next 2 required verbal prompting and the last one, the learner made on his own! Well done!!!


“I’m surprised I did that!” “I really enjoyed it today”.