Apperknowle Farm - Landmarks Specialist Education in Apperknowle

Apperknowle Farm is located in the small village of Apperknowle, Dronfield, and has over 7 acres of land from which to deliver our animal care and horticulture curriculum.

The livery and livestock residents at Apperknowle provide numerous opportunities for learners to develop skills, knowledge, and behaviour working in this practical environment. Numerous opportunities exist to grow and harvest our own crops so that learners can learn fundamental horticulture skills. All of the produce grown will be used at the colleges’ Bistro and The Archer.

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Explore Animal Care

Embark on a journey into the world of Animal Care, where our curriculum extends beyond the classroom to our bustling farm. From the nurturing of livestock such as sheep, cattle, horses, pigs, and poultry to the farm-to-fork experience, learners experience every aspect of farming.


Witness the process of animal breeding, and birthing and be involved in the seasons of our farm site.


Through hands-on sessions, learners develop not only practical skills but also communication, confidence, physical ability, and independence.

Delve into Horticulture studies

Engage in practical, industry-standard work that incorporates cutting-edge techniques in horticulture, agriculture, conservation, and floristry. Every task on our working farm site is a real-world application, contributing to its daily operations while enhancing learners’ communication, confidence, independence, and physical ability.


Apperknowle Farm produces meat, fruit, vegetables and flowers for The Archer public house and our bistro at Eckington which you will contribute to.

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Qualifications at Apperknowle Farm


Award in Skills for Working Life (Horticulture and Animal Care)

Entry 2 - Entry 3


Functional Skills Maths

Entry 1 - Level 2


Functional Skills English

Entry 1 - Level 2


Functional Skills ICT

Entry 1 - Level 2

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