Welcome to our second Staff Newsletter. It is important that you keep up to date with what’s going

on in the college, because it is an extremely busy time of the year.

In this months newsletter, you will read about how well our learners are doing, read about news from the farm, as well as learn about a typical day for one of our colleagues.

We have a number of new colleagues joining us, existing colleagues changing roles and some colleagues moving on to pastures new.

All of this activity is reflective of a college true to its vision and mission, in that whilst we aim to transform the lives of our learners, we also wish to invest in our talented staff.

I appreciate this time of the year is exceptionally busy and it is inspiring to see so many of you work so hard to ensure our learners achieve as much as possible in terms of their qualifications, but also in the way you help learners prepare for their next step in life, as they leave us in July.

If you would like to submit an article for this newsletter please contact Jack White (jackwhite@landmarks.ac.uk)

Thank you for your continued support.

Learner Progress & Data

Developing Independence Pathway:

  • Here we can see all areas improve, suggesting learners are achieving more of their targets.
  • This is a great improvement from April, yet English seems to not have improved. Keep a lookout for English targets to approve.

Employability Pathway:

  • Here we can see all areas improve, suggesting learners are achieving more of their targets.
  • This is a great improvement from April.
  • Confidence in setting and recording achievement against maths and ICT is improving.

Learner Attendance

The chart below shows us:

  • Lifelong learning has the highest levels of attendance
  • Developing Independence and Employability have lower than expected levels of attendance.
  • The fact that the rate of attendance does not fluctuate suggests those not in attendance have not been for some time, or that some subjects on timetables have not had their attendance recorded.
  • At the time of writing this, there are 23 registers outstanding.

New Developments

New subjects being delivered next year:

  • Drama, theatre
  • Performing Arts
  • Music
  • Hobbies and Interests


We are excited to partner with MyPlace and offer 5-days education and training from this vibrant base.

 The facilities are amazing, we can:

  • Use our own theatre and lighting studio
  • Record music in our own recording studio
  • Do drama, theatre and music
  • Open a Café to the public, making simple snacks
  • Access the leisure centre and city centre
  • And much more!

Safeguarding Updates

Safeguarding continues to be a vital aspect of the work we do and I know you are all keen to ensure our learners are safeguarded at all times.

It is important that we keep ourselves informed about the latest NEWS regarding safeguarding.

E-safety is extremely important.

The following link to ‘Safeguarding Essentials’ lists some of the latest headlines regarding e-safety amongst learners.



Thank you to all of you who have responded to our recent Self-Assessment surveys.

We achieved, approximately 57% response rate, which is great – thank you to those of you who provided feedback.

Below is a table highlighting some key strengths and areas for further improvement.

Click here for the full report.

You will notice that responses are extremely positive and whilst that is fantastic, we would prefer to hear from everyone so that we can be reassured there isn’t a silent cohort with some key messages that are going unheard.

Staffing Updates


We are currently recruiting for:

  • Additional Learning Support Supervisor
  • Curriculum Manager
  • Director of Curriculum
  • Personal Tutors
  • Pastoral Tutor Support Assistants
  • Learning Support Assistants


We currently have 111 staff at Landmarks.

Upcoming Training

Designated Safeguarding Leads Training

New Hires

4 new starters in June 2021

Turnover (from September 2020 to 31 May 2021)

  • 40 new starters

  • 23 leavers

Farm News

This term has been another busy one for the learners at Apperknowle.
We have welcomed 6 new piglets to the farm who were born on the 22nd of June, learners are learning how to care for them and raise them ready for the Archer in the autumn. Learners have been finishing our summer planting and we are now sending weekly vegetable boxes to the Archer. 
We are looking forward to some exciting work happening over the summer break including a new glasshouse going up on the new horticulture area, phase 3 of our fencing/walling works and some tree felling on the farm drive. 

There are still a range of hanging baskets/tubs available to purchase at the farm made by our learners please let Jo/Natalie know if you are interested.

WayFinder News

As we come out of lockdown and more and more businesses start to re-open their doors, we are pleased to say that we now have 18 Interns on placements with employers.

The much anticipated Greene King pilot is now underway and 9 learners began their supported Internship the week commencing 7th June. The pilot is going well, with Interns thoroughly enjoying the experience, as well as learning valuable new skills within the country’s largest pub chain.

Phase Two of our Greene King partnership will commence after the October half term.

A warm welcome to Janine Finn who joined the WayFinder team recently. Janine’s role is in the main to secure funding via the DWP’s Access to Work budget, which will assist the college with providing Job Coach support for our Interns. Janine is settling in well and already becoming a valuable member of the team.

The team are working hard to ensure we get the best outcomes possible for our interns who will be leaving us in July, as well as preparing to find employers for the 40+ learners who will be undertaking Supported Internships from September.

Please remember you can access the team and the WayFinder premises for all things employability related: CV’s, support with job applications, interview preparation and to discuss work experience and supported internship options.

 Spotlight on LSA Update

As part of our newsletter, we will be doing a spotlight on LSA each month. We are doing this in start date order.

  • When did you start working at Landmarks? 01 December 2011
  • What did you do before you worked here? Worked as a teaching assistant in a school
  • What’s your favourite part of the role? Seeing learners progress and grow
  • What is your most used strategy, and why do you think it is so effective? Get to know your learners so that you can support them in an outstanding manner.
  • What words of wisdom can you offer to our LSA team? Be prepared for anything, read your support plans & take advice from other LSAs. Always put your learner first.

A Message From Your Staff Rep

Hi everyone,

A quick reminder to advise the next meeting of the Board of Trustees will be on Monday 12th July and as the Staff Representative on the Board, I would be happy to hear any points/issues you may like me to raise with the Board.  I am in the Marketing/Recruitment Office (second-floor Littlemoor Business Park) Mondays & Tuesdays or you can contact me via email at any time. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel I can help.

Julie Wilkes