The Malt Cross

Malt Cross Innes England

Matthew joined Landmarks with the desire to secure paid work. He recognised though that in order to be employable he had to take more care of himself, his appearance and how he communicates in the workplace. He worked really hard to improve his professionalism and presentation to increase his opportunities of finding an appropriate employer. 

He worked hard on improving his confidence, building on the skills he had learnt around presentation and preparation for employment and by joining in with different practical activities and events. He was soon able to communicate confidently to different groups of people, ranging from his peers, commissioners, college managers and employers. Matthew started to attend different work placements in the hospitality and catering sector and even jumped on a bus and worked some shifts at the college pub, The Archer. Here he was in a safe environment, which allowed him to develop his confidence and esteem, creating an interest in working in the pub industry. 



Matthew spent the majority of his final year working at a city-centre bar, where he undertook all the roles and duties expected of a bar assistant. The Job Coach support he received during his placement reduced over time, to such a point where he was one of our first learners working independently and remotely with the college team. His confidence and esteem beaming for all to see – Matthew had grown from a shy young man, whose coping strategies made communication a little misplaced, to a confident employee capable of working independently. 

Such was Matthew’s readiness for the world of work, that during a pandemic when pubs were closed, he secured paid employment at a local specialist school maintaining their hygiene regime – playing his part in keeping the school covid secure!